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| Marcin Żurawski



1.08.2022 r. – 08.09.2022 r.

Online Registration of Candidates (IRK) for the Doctoral School

The candidate registers in the Online Internet Recruitment System, makes the payment to the individual account generated for each candidate in the IRK system and places the complete set of required documents in an electronic version (scans).

Detailed information can be obtained from the Doctoral School Office by calling 34 3784 341 or 34 3784 365 at 9:00-14: 00 according to the duty schedule (information provided on the website of the Doctoral School and in the catalogs of individual disciplines).

The fee should be credited to the university's account (generated by the IRK system) by 09/09/2021.

A candidate applying for admission to the Doctoral School is obliged to put in the IRK system a PHOTO (in a .jpg file), which will be used for the ELECTRONIC PHD STUDENT ID (more information on the technical requirements can be found on the individual candidate's account).

12-15.09.2022 r.

Submission of documents at the Doctoral School

  • an application for admission to the Doctoral School addressed to the Rector with the indication of the field and discipline;
  • CV of the candidate;
  • a photocopy of both sides of the identity card or passport (the original for inspection);
  • a photocopy (original for inspection) or a certified copy of the diploma of completion of the Uniform Master's degree or Master's degree II (or, in the case of this year's graduates, a certificate issued by their home Dean's office);
  • a foreigner from outside the European Union member states is obliged to certify the diploma of graduation or an equivalent document with an Apostille or authenticate these documents through the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA);
  • 2 photographs: one 45x65 mm and the other 37x55 without headgear, against a light background;
  • opinion on the candidate and his suitability for scientific/artistic work issued by an employee with the academic degree of a habilitated doctor or the academic title of professor in a given scientific/artistic discipline, not earlier than 12 months before the date of submitting the documents;
  • in writing, a description of the topic and problems of the planned research/artistic/ design project containing the following information:

(1) the aim of the research (definition of the research problem to be solved as a result of the research and formulation of research hypotheses; justification for undertaking the research referring to the innovativeness of this research and the impact of the results on the development of the researched issues in Poland and abroad (min. 3600 characters with spaces);

(2) research methodology (defining the research methods that the candidate intends to use in the planned research project);

(3) presentation of the current state of knowledge concerning the subject matter of the research along with the primary literature on the subject; medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to take up studies at doctoral school in the following disciplines: chemical sciences, physical sciences and in the discipline of plastic arts and conservation of works of art;

  • confirmed documentation of previous scientific/artistic/design achievements – grouped in accordance with component 2 (S2) (point 13) concerning the extent of impact;
  • statement (Annex to the electronic recruitment system);
  • the candidate's consent to the processing of personal data
  • a foreigner recruited to study in Polish shall submit a relevant certificate or diploma certifying the command of the Polish language at the B2 level (in case of its absence, the language competences will be verified through a language test);
  • a foreigner enrolling for the programme of study in English submits a relevant certificate or diploma certifying the knowledge of English at the B2 level (if there is no such certificate or diploma, the language competences will be verified through a language test).

Delivery of incomplete documents within the prescribed period shall mean resignation from the recruitment process to the Doctoral School.

In the case of sending documents by traditional mail, the date of receipt by the university is decisive.

16.09.2022 r.

Publication of the interview schedule

The exact dates, times and place of interviews will be found in the catalogs of individual disciplines.

19.09.2022 r.

Language exam (in the absence of language competence certification)

The exact dates, times and place of the exams can be found in the catalogs of individual disciplines.

20-23.09.2022 r.


During the interview, the following should be provided: a description of the planned research project, taking into account the scientific goal, along with the formulation of research problems / research hypotheses, the current state of knowledge in the field of the proposed research problems, justification for undertaking research in this context, specifying their importance for a given discipline, as well as research methodology .

26.09.2022 r.

Announcement of the ranking list

26-28.09.2022 r.

Records of candidates shortlisted for admission

29.09.2022 r.

Announcement of the list of admitted persons

Information on the candidate's personal account in the "recruitment results" tab


Attention! It is possible to make changes to the schedule. All information will be published on an ongoing basis on the website and in IRK.